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Capabilities & Rates

We offer an wide range of services due to the extensive range of tooling and equipment we have in-house. We do everything from simple repairs to complete ground up builds, from one off fabricated parts to production runs for mass produced parts. Our goal is to bring high quality fabrication to the market at a reasonable price.



Shop rate: $120/hr

Mechanical, Fabrication, Alignment, Engineering, CAD 


Production $?/hr

Rates to be quoted per job.



  • Fabrication

With our broad range of fabrication tools and equipment, it gives use the ability to make the quality of our parts with striking quality without breaking the bank. This range of tools also gives us a wide range of capabilities to make your project come together with precision and accuracy.

  • Suspension Design

We can design and build custom one off suspension components, custom angle kits, modify existing kits, full ground up suspension design, etc. We have extensive knowledge in suspension and have proven to be trail blazers in our industry.

  • Alignments and Chassis Set Up

Full "Smart String" alignments custom tailored to what you need. Full coil over setup, ride height, CAD plotted suspension geometry etc. What ever your chassis setup needs are we have you covered.

  • CAD Design

Full Computer CAD design for those custom parts you need made for your project

  • CNC Plasma Cutting

4'x4' max size up to 1.5" thick cutting capacity on steel and aluminum!!! we have worked extensively on dialing in our cut quality and have accomplished cut quality that even rivals laser jet!