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S-Chassis Wilwood Caliper Adaptor Bracket Kit (Rear)

S-Chassis Wilwood Caliper Adaptor Bracket Kit (Rear)


Want Wilwood calipers for your S-chassis? Don't want to have to fabricate or weld anything? This product turns this issue into a 100% bolt on installation. 

Unlike many other options currently available, this does not require you to cut your stock brake caliper mounts off, add spacers to your axles, or do any welding or fabrication. This kit makes it easier than ever to bolt Wilwood calipers to your car. Simply bolt the bracket to your caliper and then the bracket to your knuckle and your done! its that easy! All hardware is included, so no back and forth from the hardware store.


  • 100% bolt on for easy install
  • Includes all hardware needed


  • Corrosion resistant zinc plating
  • Built fully in-house for direct quality control
  • Made in USA

          Disclaimer: This kit is only intended to adapt a wilwood caliper from the stock caliper ears to wilwood rotors. You must use a full wilwood rotor/hat/ caliper combo, this is not meant to work with stock rotors of any kind. 

                 ***If you are running dual calipers you will need two kits***

Due to the fact that there are so many variables when it comes to all the parts you can buy from Wilwood we will supply you with all compatible part numbers, it is up to the customer to decide what caliper piston area is required for there application. Also the customer must work with Wilwood to find the proper pad compound for there application as well.

There are two major groups:

0.38 drilled steel rotor disc (Recommended for drift only)

  • ultra lightweight = less unsprung weight
  • good if your looking for the lightest weight option
  • cross-drilled
  • More likely to see brake fade with heavy left brake
  • Not good for "hot laping" as they need more cool down time between stops
  • not recommended for road racing or repeated high speed stopping


  • 0.81 GT 48 curved vane rotor (Recommended for street or drift)
  • Directional Vented for improved cooling
  • Good for heavy left foot brake
  • good for "hot laping"

  • Slightly more weight than the .38 rotor option
  • not recommended for road racing or repeated high speed stopping



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