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S-Chassis Rack Adapter Starter Kit

S-Chassis Rack Adapter Starter Kit


        Have you relocated your steering rack to eliminate rack offset spacers on Wisefab? Running into issues finding a long enough tie rod for your set up? Want more rack travel than factory? These spacers can help with that! Coupled with our rack alignment tool installs, steering wheel centering, and alignments have never been easier!

        Although these tie rod rack adapters were specifically designed for people that don't want to run rack offset spacers on there Wisefab, it still allows you to still run a factory Wisefab (VW Passat) Inner tie rod on a multitude of other setups! These spacers also give you 19mm more rack travel than factory allowing the possibility to run more angle than before!

        The included alignment tool makes install, and alignments a no brainer! It makes centering your steering wheel to your rake a breeze. When doing alignments it helps get you repeatable results with ease. Once this tool is installed on your rack, you turn the wheel and bottom out the rack onto the spacer. This puts the steering rack perfectly in the middle. from there you can reinstall your steering column confidently knowing it is perfectly centered. If you are doing an alignment no more dealing with a constantly moving steering wheel and chasing your tail around.


Rack Adapters

  • Allows the use of a VW passat tie rod on an S-chassis rack with out use of a rack offset spacer
  • Gives 19mm more rack travel

Rack Alignment Tool

  • Center your steering rack with ease
  • Center your steering wheel to rack with ease
  • Makes alignments quicker and more accurate


Rack Adapters

  • CNC machined Locally
  • 4140 Chromoly construction for high strength 
  • Beautiful yet extremely durable nickle coating
  • Made in USA

Rack Alignment Tool

  • Steel Construction
  • Zinc plated for corrosion resistance
  • Made in the USA
  • Machined In-house

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